Rent and live in La Costa Brava
as if you were local
Only the locals can give you the best tips

Locals from the Empordà will offer their house to you and will whisper a couple of secrets into your ears. You will breathe this land as we do and learn what made us fall in love with it. Everything that will make you come back, and that will never let us go.



Only the locals can offer you the best personal treatment and showing you the best of living here.

Our site offers you the best prices and conditions.

Our property,
your house

Wehost offers you a wide range of properties for you to pick the place you like the most to live as a local.
  • Apartments, houses and villes
  • 24/7 Personal service

Our land,
your home

Wehost is not just a hosting service. Wehost is also the perfect host, it will offer you all the keys to the territory, to make your house your home.

Who should  better recommend you and assist you to get to know the best from our territory?

Bars and restaurants, beaches, excursions. The best experiences.